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World Social Forum of Transformative Economies

The World Social Forum of Transformative Economies (WSFTE) is the process of convergence of different local and international movements from the alternative economy, called transformative economies.
The WSFTE will take place from June 25th until 28th 2020 in Barcelona (Spain).
The main objective of this process is to bring together social movements and projects which share the will to put people and the environment at the centre of the economy, to put an end to an economy based on extraction, growth, competition and the market, and to struggle towards collaborative, resilient societies which develop and reinforce strategic alliances and actions working together.
FEBEA is part of the Coordination Committee of the Forum.
In the spirit of previous World Social Forums, it intends to bring the goals of grassroots social movements to public services (above all at a municipal and regional level), with the aim of developing public policies which strengthen more humane forms of understanding the economy. It also wishes to bring the work which is done in universities and research centres in the transformative economies field into play. To this end, two transversal axes – publicy policies and education and research – will be embedded and will work jointly with the rest of the axes.
The decision to undertake this process in Barcelona is not coincidental: Catalonia is a worldwide reference point for cooperativism and the solidarity economy, with a history defined by social struggles. Once more, the country will stand out on the world scene for its social commitment and its desire to build a better world.
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Thursday, 25 June, 2020 - 09:00 to Sunday, 28 June, 2020 - 10:45