Last update: 11/07/2016



SIFA is a social investment company, belonging to the France Active association’s network.

Its objective is to reinforce the capital of job creating enterprises (notably for persons in vulnerable socio-economic situations) and structures of social utility.

Its shareholders are pension funds, large enterprises, mutual funds, and financial institutions that wish to support the development of the social economy based upon the principle of solidarity.

The support provided by SIFA is destined for financing investments and/or revolving funds linked to the creation and development of enterprises.

It intervenes through the form of current account and participatory loans to associates or more rarely, through capital investments (with an undertaking to buy back its shares after 5 years).

Amount: 5000 € to 320 000 €
Duration: 5 years, differed for 2 years in the case of repayments of associate current account or participatory loans (interest rate of 2%).


37, rue Bergère 75009 PARIS - France
Tel: 01 53 24 26 26
Fax: 01 53 24 26 63