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With the 'Compte Agir" costumers decide to direct the use of their deposits

Tuesday, 13 November, 2012

Press Release
27 September 2012
With the “Compte Agir”1 from Crédit Coopératif
customers decide to direct the use
of the deposits in their current accounts.
Over 3000 customers have already made the choice to act with their bank accounts
More and more people want to know what the money they deposit in their accounts or investments
products is used for. They express the wish to direct this use by a desire to act in favour of their
preferred sectors.
With the Compte Agir, the Crédit Coopératif is innovating by integrating a traceability mechanism
into the most widespread banking product: the current account. The customer therefore opts for
his/her deposits to be directed towards funding in an area close to his/her heart.
Nearly 3000 people have already opened a Compte Agir, the new account from the Crédit
On the principle that, for a bank, “deposits fund loans”, the Compte Agir is the Crédit Coopératif’s
response to the more and more frequently expressed desire of individuals to know what the money placed
in their current accounts allows the bank to fund.
A bank account that operates in classic fashion, with no differences in fees, and no restriction over the
availability of funds, the Crédit Coopératif Compte Agir allows them to “act” by choosing to direct their
deposits towards the development of projects, companies or associations in their preferred fields.
With an already-proven monitoring tool, the Crédit Coopératif offers its customers four choices:
· Act for the planet (renewable energy, eco-activities, recycling).
· Act for a fairer society (protection of vulnerable public sectors: the disabled, children, social
· Act for an alternative entrepreneurship (insertion, fair trade, cooperatives).
· Or…Act for all 3.
These fields with a high added value for society, and which the Crédit Coopératif knows well, have major
funding requirements.
Another innovation in committed funding
The Compte Agir inaugurates a directional mechanism never before seen in a bank account, thus
giving a significant place to committed funding in everyday finance.
In fact, the Compte Agir completes an already wide range, dedicated to people who want to give their
money meaning, in particular:
· Shared products that generate donations allocated to chosen beneficiaries (Livret Agir, Carte Agir,
shared UCITS).
o With the Carte Agir, the client chooses an association to which the Crédit Coopératif pay a
fixed sum on every withdrawal made. The bearer may also choose the United Together
1 Literally « to-act account »
option that enables him/her to donate as well, at the time of his/her payments/withdrawals, in
the amount he/she wants and how he/she wants.
o The Livret Agir is a bank savings account that allows an association of the customer's choice
to be supported by the payment of interest in the form of a donation.
· The OPCVM solidaires (solidarity-based UCITS) allow the customers' savings to be directed
towards social companies in order to develop their activities.
The Compte Agir, a directional mechanism for “banking together”
The Crédit Coopératif is a bank largely dedicated to the development of companies, associations and
cooperative and voluntary sectors. As a cooperative bank, its capital is held in the majority by legal person
clients, as well as by private individual customers who are more and more numerous in wanting to support
this economy with a high added value for society.
The resources collected by the Comptes Agir will play a role in the bank’s capacity to meet the
funding requirements of these economic players in the form of loans.
A way of “banking together” in an educational mechanism on the financial circuits.
For more information, please go to the new Crédit Coopératif website dedicated to private
individual customers:
- The video explaining how the Compte Agir operates
- Examples of projects in the fields funded via the Compte Agir, such as the organic products distribution
cooperative Scarabée Biocoop in the “for an alternative entrepreneurship” arena, but also projects that
protect the environment, like the Geotexia methanisation plant, or projects that build a fairer society,
such as the Raymond Lerch centre, a children’s refuge located in Le Havre.
The new site for private individuals:
The Crédit Coopératif is a cooperative bank for which the vocation is to work towards the development
of Social Economy businesses, associations, cooperatives, mutual insurance companies, business groups,
social entrepreneurs and general interest services, within a mechanism for meeting their needs and for the
co-production of services. From proximity with its members, the first solidarity-based investment was
made in 1983. As a pioneer in ethical and solidarity-based finance, the Crédit Coopératif uses its
expertise to serve its customers and partners, taking care to promote responsible economy and finance
that respects both man and his environment. Based on cooperative principles, it exercises its role as a
banker within the system of responsibility to which it holds true.
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