Last update: 17/07/2014

FEBEA participation to EU projects

Tuesday, 8 July, 2014

During 2013 and the first months of 2014 FEBEA and SEFEA presented several projects in the context of EU Call For Proposals.

In particular, 6 projects have been presented in November 2013 for the call for proposal VP/2013/017 - “Supporting the demand and supply side of the market for social enterprise finance”, and one project was presented in June 2014 for the Horizon 2020 CallEE-2014-3- MarketUptake - Topic EE-19-2014 : Improving the financeability and attractiveness of sustainable energy investments".

Concerning the Call VP/2013/017, the Commissions received many proposals, and therefore the selection process was delayed for several months. In late May FEBEA was then informed that 1 project for the establishment of a social finance partnership in Greece was awarded; two other projects, presented in collaboration with REVES in Sweden and with Ebanka in Croatia, passed the quality selection and are now in reserve list, waiting for the availability of budget.

This activity allowed FEBEA and SEFEA to strengthen the relation with many social finance initiatives in Europe.

Moreover, in July 2014, FEBEA, engaging the members Credal, la Nef, Ebanka, Banca Etica, presented as Co- Applicant a project for the Horizon 2020 Call: EE-2014-3- MarketUptake - Topic EE-19-2014 : Improving the financeability and attractiveness of sustainable energy investments".

The project concerns the support to the development of initiatives, promoted by local communities and authorities, for the production and consumption of renewable energies. This project is based on the participation of technical and financial partners and local authorities.

The total budget for FEBEA (to be distributed with the members engaged) is 291.563 € and for SEFEA is 141.625€. The results of the evaluatio n by the Commission will be published in October 2014.