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Wednesday, 25 September, 2019

Brussels, 25 Septembre 2019



As a consequence of the growing attention on climate action, several financial institutions are announcing initiatives in support of the environment, demonstrating the power of civil society mouvements in shaping the public debate and the policy framework at international level.


In a recent article, our Chairman underlined however the risk that such debate on green and sustainable finance could end up facilitating greenwashing strategies and the risk of isolating environmental impacts from social ones when addressing financial sustainability; our Chairman also stressed the need of a substantial transparency in the financial sector.


FEBEA members are indeed aware of these risks, as ethical banks and financiers are historically committed to support projects with social and environmental purposes and are aware of the non-financial consequences of financial activities. 

As stated by the FEBEA Charter, “for an ethical bank the values of the social and environmental impacts are essential and inseparable from the value of the economic impact.


In this context, at the occasion of the “Week for future” in September 2019, several FEBEA members are mobilising to support #climate action and #climate strike mouvements, reaffirming their historical support to civil society initiatives fighting for social and environmental justice at local (and global!) level.


Here below you can find a non-exhaustive list of some of the initiatives promoted by our members in different countries.





Banks are partly responsible for the climate and must assume this responsibility. This is what the Alternative Bank Swiss is asking for via its position statement. "To make Switzerland a more climate-friendly banking market, politicians, regulators and bank customers and shareholders are also invited to do their part".

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On Friday 27 September, the workers and members of the Banca Etica Group in Italy and Spain will take to the streets to join the global mobilisation called by the #FridaysForFuture movement, to loudly say that the only possible future is one that passes for respect for the planet.

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On Friday 27 September, Merkur Bank will be closed all day to join the climate strike. The bank is fighting for the climate - and supporting the young people's climate fight. "We do it because the climate can't wait any longer. Something needs to happen now"

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LA NEF, France


La Nef, Enercoop and Mobicoop have launched the 1, 2, 3 Climat! campaign to help discover and adopt solutions that will make savings, mobility and electricity consumption more ecological and more inclusive.

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"La planete est à nous" - Credit Cooperatif supports social, solidarity and ecological economy through different intiatives and campaigns. In particular this week the conference on Urban Agriculture is organised on the 26th September.

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